Thursday, May 6, 2010

love me or hate me

With the elections just around the corner, I think it’s timely my fingers start working and my mind begins thinking aloud.

The Filipino citizens have 9 presidential candidates to choose from; all with their respective credentials and unique capacities to head and unite the most beautiful nation in Southeast Asia. However, media is doing a great job confusing us Filipinos on who to vote for. I, for one, have not been affected by all this frenzy. Believe it or not, I have always been a solid Manny Villar supporter.


Yeaaap, Manny Villar is my presidential bet. Proud to say, win or lose he’ll always be my hero. Why? Because I once attended this seminar in my alma mater and there was this professor who represented St. Paul Island Park, Cavite. When we ate lunch together, she told me that the school’s land was donated by Senator Manny Villar.

My close friends know how proud I am to be a Paulinian; BSN 2007, Compatissantes Dames de Jesus, ranked third nationwide in the June 2007 Nurses’ Licensure Examination. I’m such a die-hard (LOL) that I have plans of sending my future daughter to school at St. Paul College Pasig—Paulinian blood-line lang syempre! 

Enough segue…

Anyway, with this sort of school spirit, I support anybody who provides assistance or donates to the St. Paul schools. Some of you may think it’s a shallow reason, but here, allow me to serve you another one.

I’ve always been irritated hearing the C5 Road extension project issue over and over again on TV Patrol. Sometimes it surprises me how Filipinos get easily influenced by media. Hello (!!!) my fellow patriots to the Philippine flag, have we forgotten the Macapagal Freeway in Pasay City?? It cost so much money that I had a feeling solid gold was mixed in with the cement! Yeah it stirred up an issue, but aren’t we drag racers thankful for its creation? Aren’t them Manila Doctors College alumni and students grateful to have that solid piece of concrete? And those secretly dating in Blue Wave… Actions speak louder than words. Ha ha

It’s the same enchilada for the C5 Road Extension, I actually think it’s a breath of fresh air for all those homeowners/lot owners in the area. Let’s erase the fact that they are Manny Villar’s estates, and focus on the families already living in the area. With the extension’s existence, I’d like to believe that family members safely arrive home earlier than before, making more time for them to be together—which I think is the essence of creating a family. Those who heartlessly criticize the issue probably don’t even a family to go home to. Sucks for them.

So for that… Cheers Manny Villar.

Next: Bayani Fernando.

Yes, he’s my vice-president; for I know he’ll be painting the town pink—my favorite color! Ha ha, kidding aside, he’s the only person with an iron hand in the government. I’m amazed how he was able to clear up major areas of the city. Drivers, commuters, and pedestrians alike all have something to be thankful for. Even if he doesn’t articulate his ideas well impromptu, he doesn’t need to speak for all the work he’s done.

His wife is also on the same side of the coin, look at her city after Ondoy. Marikina, Antipolo, and Pasig were all devastated like no other, yet it was only Marikina that quickly rose above the three. All areas of the city were cleaned up that not an obvious trace of the catastrophe was evident. Behind every successful man is an equally successful woman. This is the way to go.

These two candidates didn’t ride on other people’s achievements. What happened 24 years ago is so history and a beautiful wife won’t attract voters (eh hello wife mo nga e! what can male voters do pa?? Election 2010 isn’t a Cosmopolitan poll.)

So to my beloved Noypis, may the force be with you.

Yes, you’ve read it right. I was just using up some world wide web space here….

….I am NOT a registered voter.

Ha ha ha ha ha :P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

cause and effect

Yesterday, Manila's temp hit a whooping 36.8C at 3pm. Thank God I was under the roof of St. Anthony's church in Legarda praying the rosary while sweating rivers. I'm now watching TV and this Nestle ice cream of Sharon Cuneta comes on. Seriously... who could resist such cool comfort food!???


Why??? Because after the commercial appeared, my superego ruled over my id by telling me that if I do go running after that one scoop of Nestle ice cream, I'd be as big as its endorser!! Nooooooo wayy!

So tell me, isn't it worth resisting???

Where'd my cup of coffee go? Haha ;p

Monday, April 19, 2010

only the truth

I did some thinking after dinner today and made some resolutions. I know it's mid-year but this is something I wanna do for the rest of my life. See, being raised away from the Philippines, my parents always told me never to tell the truth about my life to anyone unless I can assure and re-assure myself that this person can be trusted. Very few people know the history of my life and what I've been through. I guess you can call them priveleged, but I'm scared one day they'll turn against me and ruin my paradise life. Ha ha!

Well, yes... I do solemnly promise that when my new crush contacts me and asks me to hang out, I'll rev up all my courage and spill the beans. It's a risky thing but I don't wanna let this opportunity pass since this guy seems to be a good future friend/partner etc..

Let's see where this goes. I hope and pray he contacts me before it's time for me to fly out. C'monnnn let's hang out my dear crush!! :) I can't wait already Ha ha ha ha :P

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Many people are amazed when they hear that I live alone in my house. I usually get shocked when I get that reaction coz I feel that at 23, it is kinda expected for any woman or man to do so. It's good in a way because you can do what you want when you want. Nobody is going to drag you out of bed at 5 in the morning or ask you to cook for them. All you get is peace and quiet--oh plus hunger too. Ha ha! The setback here is that if anything happens or if anything is questioned, the only answerable person is ME. Yes ME!!

Like today mail came in and they were all bills. Seriously! I don't wanna break down how much I need to pay but it's making me quite guilty coz the electric bill is through the roof and the cable bill just made me laugh. I don't see the point of paying P500/month for a service I only use 4 hours a day. I read the bill then sit down in front of the TV flipping channels thinking... Why am I paying for something I don't even use much? I don't even know the TV scheds..! All I watch is Wowowee, Tyra, Ellen, and House among others.

What a rip off. But I've still paid it off thinking that I'd rather say good bye to a crisp yellow piece of paper with Ninoy's face on it than to kill my eyes trying to watch super blurred Channel 2. Hahaha =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ang taray mo day!

Last week, a day after I arrived from Saudi, I attended this Basic Critical Care Nursing Course in CCNAPI. There were these two coordinators sitting at the back; they were in charge of checking attendance and doing a lot of other stuff. For the longest time, my friend and I thought that they were secretaries or runners but we were shocked when we found out that they were registered nurses!!!

Anyway, I'm not here to make them sound good after what they have done to me. Okay I admit that I was late for class almost every single day--but please don't blame the girl who has extreme jetlag and living 6 jeepney rides away from the training center!!! Plus, this doesn't give you any reason to bitch-slap me today... Yes, she's such a meanie!

So here's the scenario, I go up to her and ask if she can help me become a member of CCNAPI. Being the nice, adorable and polite person I am, I never expected her reaction!! She was so mean and telling me that I never paid attention in class or even listened to her announcement--which according to her was repeated over and over! I just asked this question, and imagine it being said by a Filipino woman in Tagalog.. yes her answer was like 3 minutes long!

I don't even know why I even thought of being a CCNAPI member.. was I drunk when I made that decision?? Geez, I'd rather not represent a group of bullies. How can one be a nurse with this attitude? Thank God she's most probably unemployed, or else her patients might have never come out of the coma scared of waking up to a witch bitch.

Peace out y'all... Just using my freedom of speech here :P

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

waiting waiting waiting...

Here I am waiting for the time when my new crush would send me a text when he'd be available to meet so that we could exchange talents, like he would teach me how to read EKG strips and I would teach him English. The big problem--which is the biggest here in the Philippines--is that he doesn't want to send messages or call other people outside his network. He uses the SUN network and I use GLOBE... so yeah good luck to our future. I am not even sure if there is a future.

Will update once something comes up... How I wish there was one promo where you could text anyone anytime from any network! It's frustrating when you're just waiting for a text..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

don't rub it in

The sandstorm really killed my class today. I was expecting 11 children to come, but only one brave soldier came out of the haze. Thankfully, she was already a teenager and it wasn't difficult to teach her the core modelling techniques. No kids running around like crazy and no hesitations about whether I was teaching something too advanced for their age.

I woke up this morning to a very sick mother. She came down with the flu plus her vertigo came back. Mom's appetite wasn't good in the morning either, which is why I decided to spend the morning at home with her. I wasn't supposed to leave her until I got an email from Dhahran Recreation saying that I'm gonna have a class at 11am. So much for being mom's private duty nurse.

While getting ready, my mom asked me if I could get my last physical exam done in Aramco before I leave to the Philippines. I stared blankly at her, not believing that my flight's next Saturday already. She's like, "Uhhh.. yeah! You have to finish packing by Friday night honey."

The fact that I have to go just kills me. I don't feel like the same me I was yesterday. At first I thought April was ages away.. but guess what!? March has only four days left!! I'm beginning to feel sad and unsure again. Sad because I'm going to leave such a wonderful family that has taken great care of me since June 2009 and unsure because it's a new chapter in my life. I am taking this transition as positively as possible... I know it's a good change and I'll make it through.

What's interesting about my life is that I seem to be moving into great big changes every Easter Sunday. This is like the second in a row, and I feel it's a blessing...a true blessing from God. Last year, I broke up with my boyfriend and traded everything I had in the Philippines to nothing for Saudi Arabia. Well, at that time it seemed like nothing for me since I wasn't gonna get employed soon, no boyfriend, no more grad school... nothing! Just home, parents and chores. What I didn't foresee was the great big door of opportunities that was opened as I got here. I got to volunteer in two hospitals and establish a great circle of reliable friends. Also, I was able to strengthen my relationship with the folks--which was the best thing ever. =)

So yeah I'm leaving and it's a tough reality. It just gets a little annoying when people have to say it over and over again!! Well I do give them the benefit since they're not all from one circle of friends, but yes... it does hurt when they keep rubbing it in.

I may not be able to post as frequently as I do, but surely I'll write once I get to the Philippines.. Wish me strength and luck!!!